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Our Founder - G.M. Garabedian

Thorndike Mills was founded by Gary Garabedian in 1925.  He fled here at the young age of 15 after being ousted from his homeland during the Armenian Genocide. 


Gary and Mary

Together, Gary and Mary raised a family and worked at making Thorndike Mills the success it is to this day.  They instilled strong work ethics, and proved that hard work results in success. 

Ed Garabedian, Anna Garabedian, Karen (Garabedian) Baglio, Mitch Garabedian

Still A Family Business today....

Our family continues to take  pride in the products we sell, and the service we offer.  We will always go above and beyond to help you select the right floor covering at the right price for your home. 

Mitch, Ed, Anna, Karen and Jan

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